Medicinal characteristic of Pamukkale themal water, was known since the ancient times and after centuries its medicine attribution has been proved by the scientists.


Health and Medicine
This spring which is 18 km away from the city center , located in Hierapolis Antique City’s area and which created the travertine, is the most important and dynamic specialty of this region. It has a healing effect on heart diseases, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, rheumatism, eye and skin diseases, rickets, nervous disorders, nervous and physical exhaustion circulatory problems and furthermore when it is drunk, it is good for digestive maladies. Nevertheless it has diuretic effect and also effects expelling kidney stone/sand and urethra inflammation
The underground water was providing healing effect to the people in the past as it does to so many tourists that come to the region in nowadays. In that period Hierapolis was a health center and that caused to start the first tourism dynamisms in there. And for that reason in a short period of time the city became a meeting place where different folks and people meet.
Medicinal characteristic of Pamukkale thermal water has been known since the ancient times and after centuries, its medical attribution has been proved by the scientists. Around the springs religious rites and festivals has been prepared. Leading statesmen and rich people have come to the Hierapolis for its medical effect .It has been understood that its medical effect has been administrated by the reverends and ancient doctors.