Karahayit, 23 km far from Denizli. It has a health center speciality with its minerals in its red water. Karahayıt where 5 km North side from Denizli, since Roman period, has been visited by so many people. Generally, red water was a complimental which compliments the thermal water in Pamukkale and also just the red water can be remedy for deseases itself, too.   Although, Karahayit has the similar formation with Pamukkale, the minerals in their water has the different specialities their inside.
Because of its red water, Karahayit hosts so many local and international tourists almost every season. The choosing of local and international tourists which come to Karahayit are both , healing waters of thermal springs. The surface shapes of thermal springs in Karahayıt, as distinct from white Travertenies, producing a different kind of traverten character which is almost covered with red. Owing to the metal oxidization in thermal water, red, green and white colored travertine layers shaping. The red Travertenies consist of 60 C˚ thermal water spring’s side. The thermal water which is about 35 C˚ and its minerals bring the Karahayıt to an important health resort center of Turkey. The thermal water of Karahayit has been simulating Pamukkale spring but its temparature is higher and the rate of free carbon dioxide is lower.
The thermal springs in Karahayit Town, has consested by the most active geologic events. The thermal springs in Karahayıt is creating travertines ,too as Pamukkale. But, because of the iron rate in the water Travertenies became red and closer colours.
The thermal water’s temparature is changing between 23.3 and 57.5 °C.