The thermal water in the Antique Pool is very important for human health besides the earthly goods and historical artifacts.  

Antique Pool

Antique Pool
Especially in The Roman Empire period, Hierapolis and its side was exactly a health centre. In that years, thousand of people was coming to the Baths which are more than 15, and they find their remedy in that baths. Today’s Antique Pool was shaped by the earthquake which happened in A.D. VII. Century. The marble portic with Ionic arrangement have been fallen into the spring during the earthquake in VII. Century A.D.
Up to the researchs, the Antique pools water is good for heart diseases, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, rheumatism, eye and skin diseases, rickets, nervous disorders, nervous and physical exhaustion circulatorly problems and furthermore when it has been drank it is good for digestive maladies. And all this benefits shows why so many health centers had been founded sides the Antique Pool from Roman Empire times on.
Cleopatra’s Pool
The water in the termal pool is 36 C°,PH value is 5,8 and radon value is1480 piccocuri/liter. Spa water has its inside bicarbonate, sulphate, carbon dioxide, partly with iron and radioactive combination. And also, the water in this spring is suitable for taking shower and drinking cures, 2430 MG/liter melt metal value.